Thai foot massage: the healing foot therapy

Reflexology helps one in getting relief from feet congestion problems. It is a gentle therapy, which is used to maintain and restore one’s body’s equilibrium. It is all about getting a good foot massage. The Thai foot massage is often related to Thai reflexology. It is a relaxing and enjoyable process that helps in healing the body, soul, and mind. The techniques that are used in this type of foot massage helps to purify and detoxify the body, thus helping the body to get relieved from tension and stress.

Thai foot massage fosters mental serenity and good health along with restoring body balance. During the ongoing foot massage therapy, a kind of pressure is applied to a few specific areas near the soles of the feet. This, in turn, causes a reflex reaction to occur in other parts of the body.


Techniques of Thai foot massage

This type of foot massage is based on the fact that there are reflex areas and other zones in the feet that correspond to the body systems. Reading the signs on the feet, the therapist understands the problem of the client and starts with the application of pressure of different combinations with the usage of finger, thumb, and hand. This can be considered as a type of art and a highly reputed massage applying technique. The foot massage therapist work on the different parts of the feet in order to facilitate the speeding up the healing process.

A professionally skilled massage therapist can detect every small change in the specific points on the hands and feet. Working on these specific points affects the functioning of the entire system of the body. Thai reflexology helps one in getting control over their emotional and physical movements. It also increases one’s confidence and self-esteem along with improving one’s confidence level.

Thai Orchid Massage is one of the best massage centers in Luton which not only provides Thai foot massage but also Thai hand massage services. The hand massage involves the stretching of the limbs so that the joint movement gets restored. For physical strength as well as mental calmness, one must go for both Thai hand and foot massage.